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Santander, mountain towns with a vibrant culture.

Santander is one of Colombia's best kept secrets. While it typically has been appreciated for it's exceptional extreme sport offerings,

Cali, Heaven's waiting room, and the Pacific Coast of Colombia

The salsa capitol of Colombia! As the locals would say, Cali is a little slice of heaven. This city is

Los Llanos Orientales: The Eastern Plains of Colombia

Biodiversity like you have never seen before, driving just a few hours from Bogotá, the landscape opens into the vast

The Colombian Coast (Santa Marta and Cartagena)

The Colombian Coast is full of culture, food and music that really distinguishes it from any other part of Colombia.

Leticia, the gateway to the Amazon

Want to discover something new? Fascinated by landscapes and history? Discover the south of Colombia in the Department of Huila!

Huila, A Desert Paradise

Want to discover something new? Fascinated by landscapes and history? Discover the south of Colombia in the Department of Huila!

Bogota, 2.600 meters Closer to the Stars.

Want to get to know the capital of Colombia? Bogota is a unique mountain city that hosts over 8 million

Medellin, The City of Eternal Spring

Medellin is known as the city of the eternal spring. Famous for its incredible climate, it's also known for its'

The Colombian Coffee Axis (Pereira, Manizales and Armenia)

Wanna see where Colombia makes its' Coffee? Wanna see beautiful sunsets? Wanna eat the famous Colombian dish "Bandeja Paisa"? Wanna


Unique Destinations

We couldn’t have planned tours this special! Lucky for us we just found the most unique, culturally enriched and beautiful places that are already exist, and we help you get the most out of being there

Value for Money

We believe that everyone should be able to see the world, because that makes people better world citizens. We make travel affordable, because that’s how it should be.

Beautiful Places

Colombia has 45 of the World’s 47 climates. Iced cap mountains, amazonian jungle, and even the andes mountain range is all in Colombia, waiting for you to explore it.

We give back

100% of what you pay goes to Colombian Citizens… it’s that simple. That’s how it should be. We look to make a significant positive impact to the Colombian economy by giving work to Colombians that pays better than the competition, and creates plentiful work for as many people as possible.


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The idea of Adventure Better is to experience the places you go to, not just by seeing the sights but by interacting with the people. We give you the opportunity to meet the good people, so not only do you have pictures to show, but friendships, and a more accurate understanding of the essence of Colombia